An employee of Cohasset who was accused of mining cryptocurrencies at a school comes forward

Cryptocurrencies USA – THE QUINCY The 39-year-old town of Cohasset employee who was supposed to appear in court in Quincy on Thursday morning has turned himself up, according to police, after allegedly stealing energy worth thousands of dollars by mining cryptocurrencies inside a school.

Nadeem Nahas is accused of using power fraudulently and damaging a school. Early in 2022, he quit his position as assistant facilities director. This week, he received a court date. Cryptocurrencies USA According to a representative for the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, he did not show up on Thursday, and a default warrant was issued for his arrest as a result. He and his counsel appeared in Quincy District Court early on Friday morning.

Detectives were summoned to Cohasset Middle/High School in December 2021 to look into a complaint of a potential “cryptocurrency mining operation,” according to Cohasset Police Chief William Quigley.” The setup, which consisted of several mining equipment, was in a secluded crawl space beneath the school.

The municipal facilities director was questioned by detectives. He claimed that when doing a normal check of the school, he discovered electrical lines, makeshift ductwork, and a large number of computers that appeared out of place. Officials discovered it was a bitcoin mining operation unlawfully connected to the school’s electrical infrastructure after conducting an investigation and getting in touch with the municipal IT director.

An employee of Cohasset who was accused of mining cryptocurrencies at a school comes forward
An employee of Cohasset who was accused of mining cryptocurrencies at a school comes forward

Mining “is the procedure through which new transactions are confirmed and fresh Bitcoins and other digital currency are produced. It required a complex network of computers.

According to the White House, the overall yearly electricity use for crypto-assets is between 120 and 240 billion kilowatt-hours, exceeding the annual energy consumption of numerous individual nations like Argentina or Australia.

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